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Space Heaters 101: Not Worth the Risk

Don’t burn your house down with a janky space heater

zone heating new yorkSpace heaters may be nice to have on hand during a cold New York winter….until something inevitably goes wrong. Sure, space heaters may be convenient, cheap and easy to use. Unfortunately, the reason they’re simple to operate is the same reason things can go south quickly: traditional space heaters just aren’t complex enough to incorporate the level of safeguards we prefer our customers have – not to mention they hardly provide an adequate level of warmth.

If you’re finding the need to utilize space heaters to reach your preferred comfort range in your home or office, the real problem may be that your primary heating system just isn’t doing its job. Read on to learn about how you can get the warmth and comfort you need you need without compromising the safety of the loved ones you want to keep warm and safe.

Use space heaters with caution

Have you ever, say, kicked off your blanket on the floor next to your bed? Left the house without turning off all of your appliances? Had papers or books fall off your end table or night stand? Do you have kids, pets, or even just…..carpet? If so, a space heater may not be the best choice for your household.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, space heaters are responsible for 44 percent of home heating-related fires and 85 percent of associated deaths. In fact, New York City Fire Commissioner recently confirmed that a tragic Bronx fire that killed 17 people, including eight children, was ignited by an electric space heater.

Plus, space heaters don’t just pose the danger of igniting deadly fires. They can also cause serious burns – especially to kids or pets –and spark electrical problems.

Fireplaces and hearth products keep you warm safely

Don’t become one of these sad statistics; you have safer options for improved heating available that can also be more eco-friendly and energy-efficient than a space heater.

Propane appliances make having the cozy, comfortable warmth of a fire in the fireplace fast and easy. No schlepping wood, building a fire or cleaning up ashes. With a gas-powered fireplace or hearth appliance, you just push a button and relax!

Not only does A.C. Howell sell attractive, efficient Empire fireplaces and hearth products, but we also give you fireplace installation you can trust for quality and safety.

Turn to A.C. Howell for Propane Appliances

A.C. Howell can help you add safe, convenient propane appliances to your Orange County, NY home that not only provide comfort, but can help dramatically reduce your energy costs! And that is only the beginning of how propane can enhance life in your home. Ready to add some quality propane appliances to your home? Contact us or become a customer today!