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Smart Technology For Taking Care of Your Propane Tank

All About Tank Monitoring and Tank Sizes

propane monitor with app new yorkTo enjoy all the benefits of propane you are seeking – like lower costs, reducing your carbon footprint, and having reliable heat and energy at all times – you’ll need a propane tank. A.C. Howell has you covered with our propane tank leasing services.

We also offer propane tank monitoring as an easy and affordable way to know just how much propane you have on hand. Read on to learn more about how you can gain the peace of mind that your supply matches your usage, and you’ll never run out of propane when you need it most – like during a New York winter.

Choosing a Tank for Your Home or Business

Because the propane experts at A.C. Howell are locally based, we have the knowledge and insights to determine the right size propane tank. We’ll discuss factors like:

  • The size of your home or business,
  • How you use propane (heating, cooking, water heating, etc.) and
  • Whether you will be adding propane appliances in the future.

After we select, together, the tank size that fits your needs, we can discuss whether you’ll need remote tank monitoring, and how this service can save you time, concern, and money.

Remote Propane Tank Monitoring

Whether your propane usage is rather predictable, or a little more irregular, you can really benefit from remote propane tank monitoring. Many people have easy-to-anticipate propane needs, but others’ propane usage can ebb and flow depending on factors like the time of year, their business needs, and any temporary or short-term arrangements they’ve made.

While A.C. Howell offers the most dependable propane delivery service in Orange County with our Automatic Delivery, we take it a step further by offering remote propane tank monitoring from Gaslog! Remote tank monitoring can be very helpful if you are not always around to keep a watchful eye on the propane gauge itself, such is the case for:

  • Vacation homes. Many people rent out their vacation properties or second homes for another source of income, and some guests may use more energy than others.
  • Rental property. When tenants forget to pay their bills or schedule a propane delivery, that can be a hassle for the landlord. But with a remote propane monitoring system, you can stay in control of your property’s propane tank, even if you are not local.
  • Businesses. Business needs can fluctuate, depending on your industry, the economy, and many other factors. A remote tank monitoring system can allow you to make sure you always have the propane your business depends on, while being able to scale back if necessary.
  • Travelers. Folks who spend more time away from home than average may find themselves especially reliant on remote propane monitoring. Examples include:
    • Snowbirds – the affectionate term for retirees who like to spend the colder months in a warmer locale, like Florida,
    • Military families facing deployment or relocation, and
    • Business travelers who work overseas or on the opposite coast for big chunks of time.

A remote propane tank monitor can help all these folks keep an eye on their tank back home.

Propane tank monitoring: Customize your propane delivery!

Whatever size tank is best for you, tank monitoring makes keeping track of your propane supply easy. The monitor is installed directly onto your propane tank and installation takes less than 10 minutes. You don’t have to be home for installation, either! The Gaslog tank monitor uses cellular technology, like what is in your smartphone, to let A.C. Howell know in real time, at all times, precisely just how much propane is in your tank.

Let A.C. Howell take care of all your propane needs. Become a customer today!