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Always Have the Fuel You Need for Your Warmth and Comfort –
Gaslog Tank Monitoring Solutions

Have your propane supply monitored automatically for timely deliveries, continuous warmth, and no run-outs

The Gaslog Tank Monitoring System is the easiest, most reliable way to ensure you always have the propane you need!

The Gaslog monitor attaches directly to your tank, and wirelessly transmits your fuel level information to us so we can schedule your deliveries automatically. That means you never have to go outside to check your tank or call for a delivery. Plus, if you do want to check your fuel level, you can do so online from anywhere!

Tank monitoring is a great solution for any home or business and works with above-ground and underground tanks. It’s especially convenient for:
Camps and Second Homes — Easier to keep track of fuel levels while you’re away
Rental Properties — Avoid relying on tenants
Propane Pools and Generators — Usage fluctuations won’t cause a problem
Business Locations — Avoid unexpected downtime due to a run-out

How does a remote tank monitor work?
The tank monitor uses a cellular signal like a cell phone. It can be programmed to report your tank’s fuel level as needed (generally once a week). The monitor can also send out an alert when the fuel drops below a certain level.

Do I have to be home for the installation?
No, it is not necessary for you to be present. The monitor is installed directly on your tank, in less than 10 minutes!

Can I check the fuel level remotely, too?
Yes! With our E-Services Program you can receive regular email updates or access information from your smart phone or computer.

How much does tank monitoring cost?
Gaslog tank monitoring costs just a few dollars a month! Plus, some of that may come back to you in savings with fewer overall fuel deliveries — and fewer delivery service charges.
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GasLog remote tank sensor

The Gaslog monitor is installed on your tank and is about the same size as a smoke detector. It wirelessly notifies our team of the fuel level in your tank so we can schedule deliveries automatically, when you need them.

tank with sensor signals AC Howell to dispatch delivery truck

Wireless, reliable communication ensures efficient scheduling of fuel deliveries.

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