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Propane Tanks and Monitoring in Wurtsboro, Monroe and Port Jervis, NY

Get safety and security with A.C. Howell!

Propane is becoming more popular here in Orange County because it allows folks like you to enjoy the benefits of gas appliances such as water heaters, ranges, fireplaces and more no matter where they live and without being dependent on a large natural gas utility for service.

To enjoy all the benefits of propane you are looking for, you need a propane tank. A.C. Howell has you covered with our propane tank leasing services!

Because the propane experts at A.C. Howell are locally based, we have the knowledge and insights to determine the right size propane tank for your home. We’ll discuss factors like the size of your home, how you use propane (heating, cooking, etc.) and whether you will be adding propane appliances in the future.

We exclusively offer propane tank leasing, with our transparent customer agreement and no hidden tank fees! All our propane tanks are of top quality and meet all government and industry propane safety standards.

Propane tank monitoring: Customize your propane delivery!

While A.C. Howell offers the most dependable propane delivery service in Orange County with our Automatic Delivery, we take it a step further by offering remote propane tank monitoring from Gaslog!

Tank monitoring makes keeping track of your propane supply easy. The monitor is installed directly onto your propane tank and installation takes less than 10 minutes. You don’t have to be home for installation, either! The Gaslog tank monitor uses cellular technology, like what is in your smartphone, to let A.C. Howell know in real time, at all times, precisely just how much propane is in your tank.

Who uses remote propane tank monitors?

Our propane tank monitors are great for everyone! They’re affordable and easy to use. They give you complete peace of mind when it comes to your propane supply. They help pay for themselves because you only get propane delivered when you need it. That’s the personal, customized delivery service that you get from a family business!

Some people, however, can benefit from remote tank monitoring in other ways because they have more irregular propane usage. Those situations include:

Second homes. If you have a home you use for vacations and perhaps occasional short-term rentals, you can easily keep an eye on your propane tank levels.

Rental properties. Don’t be at the mercy of tenants who may forget to schedule a delivery or pay their bills. You have the control of your property’s propane supply.

Travelers. Snowbirds, frequent business travelers and other people who live away from home for long periods of time during the year can track their propane supply wherever they are.

Businesses. A propane runout can put a crimp in your business and its profits. Be assured that you’ll always have the propane you need to succeed.

Let A.C. Howell take care of all your propane needs. Become a customer today!