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Propane Appliances for Orange County, NY

Enjoy comfort and energy efficiency!

You may use propane in your home for whole-house heating or cooking. But that is only the beginning of how propane can enhance life in your home.

A.C. Howell can help you add propane appliances to your home that not only provide comfort, but can help dramatically reduce your energy costs!

We sell and install top-quality propane water heaters, fireplaces and hearth products and grills.

Water heaters

Did you know that water heating makes up about 20% of your home’s energy costs? An energy-efficient water heater can make a substantial difference in those costs. And when it comes to energy efficiency, propane leaves electricity in the dust!

Bradfor White Water Heaters

Conventional tank propane water heaters heat more water faster than their electric counterparts for about 30% less cost. Propane tank water heaters cost on average between 40% and 60% less to operate than comparable electric water heaters.

When you upgrade to a propane tankless water heater, your water heating costs can be reduced by 40% or more compared with an electric water heater. Not only do you save big money, but you also don’t give up any comfort because a propane tankless water heater gives you endless hot water, as long as you need it! Tankless water heaters can last about twice as long as conventional tank water heaters, giving you an even better return on your investment.

A.C. Howell sells Bradford White tank and tankless water heaters and provides expert water heater installation.

Fireplaces and hearth products

Empire Comfort Systems

Propane fireplaces make having the cozy, comfortable warmth of a fire in the fireplace fast and easy. No schlepping wood, building a fire or cleaning up ashes. Just push a button and relax!

Not only do we sell attractive, efficient Empire fireplaces and hearth products, but we also give you fireplace installation you can trust for quality and safety.


Broilmaster Premium Grills

A propane grill offers ease, convenience and great results that charcoal just cannot equal. You can start grilling a weeknight supper in minutes, as opposed to the long wait you have to get a charcoal grill ready for grilling. You also get precise and instant temperature control, and no smoke smell and flavor to overwhelm foods like chicken breasts, fish and vegetables.

We carry a wide range of outstanding Broilmaster grills.

Ready to add some quality propane appliances to your home? Contact us to get started!