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Propane Safety Tips for Our Customers

What are the most common safety concerns about propane?

safe with propane new yorkPropane is one of the safest fuels out there, but like all energy sources, it’s still important to take precautions when storing and using such a powerful form of fuel. Sometimes, myths about propane safety are propagated by competitors, but the truth is that by following some simple safety tips and working with a reputable New York propane provider like AC Howell, you can rest assured that your family and your fuel are in good hands!

Propane is flammable, like lots of fuels

Most of us know that propane is flammable and should be kept away from all sources of potential sparks or flames. The good news is that when propane is contained safely in a quality tank or cylinder, in a safe location, it’s not going to be a fire hazard, since the fuel itself is not exposed.

While you shouldn’t, say, light your fireworks off on top of your propane tank or take your smoke break leaning against its opening, the fuel’s flammability shouldn’t be an issue unless your container is leaking. Even so, taking precautions should include:

Selecting the right place to install your propane tank:

If you are leasing your tank, your propane service provider will take care of all of that for you, along with making sure you are in compliance with applicable regulations and guidelines. If you own your tank, your propane service provider can still advise and inspect your tank to make sure it’s properly situated in a safe manner.

Clearing debris from around your tank or cylinders:

Branches, leaves, twigs, firewood and newspapers can potentially act as kindling, and should be kept away from your propane storage, just in case. If your propane tank is kept indoors, such as in a basement or crawl space, it should also be kept clear of any boxes, crates, clothing and decorations. Give your propane tank a nice clearing.

Keeping your tank in good working condition:

The best way to avoid the rare propane leak is to make sure your tank is not rusting, broken or corroded. If you see buildup, rust, wet spots, cracks, bubbling, or seepage coming from your tank, it’s time for an upgrade. Your propane provider can inspect your tank and guide your next steps.

Maintaining your propane storage responsibly:

If you are leasing your tank, your propane provider should conduct regular tank maintenance as a part of your agreement. If you own your tank, you will need to schedule your routine maintenance with a propane provider you trust. Propane cylinders, too, need to be carefully maintained, either by being recycled, or recertified.

Know what to do if you ever smell gas

Propane is naturally odorless, but manufacturers add the stereotypical “skunk smell” to warn the public of gas leaks. If you ever small gas, extinguish any open flames, like candles or cigarettes, and leave the property immediately. Don’t use anything electric, including flipping power switches, before you leave, although if you can safely do so, turn off your gas. Call 911, and your fuel provider from a safe location.

Thanks to strong regulations, high propane industry standards and the dedication of propane companies like A.C. Howell, propane has a very strong safety record.

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