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Propane Grilling Tips to Wow your Guests

Make the most of your propane gas grill this summer

propane grill tips Warwick, ny Summer has arrived, and we know that means you’ll want to be ready for outdoor cooking as much as possible! Outdoor kitchens are popular in the summer, from Port Jervis to Pine Bush and all-around Orange County. Your friends and family will really enjoy a robust dinner cooked on your propane grill or another great propane-powered cooker. Read on for some great propane grilling tips.

Have the best BBQ on the block

Wow your crew by keeping these grill tips in mind when you’re cooking.

  • Decide on direct or indirect heat. Propane is great for both types of grilling. You’re in control and can raise or lower the heat with a turn of the dial. Propane grilling works well for quick searing as well as slow-cooking, and everything in between. Choose direct flame for food that cooks in under 20 minutes, and indirect heat when you plan to grill for longer than that.
  • Cook a variety of foods together. Propane is quite versatile. You can cook a wide variety of food well with propane. Use a grill basket to separate veggies from meat, and to keep smaller foods from falling through grates.
  • Take your time, if the fare calls for it. Just because propane can cook quickly doesn’t mean you need to rush the process. Most meats are more tender if they are cooked “low and slow,” like ribs. You can slow-cook for hours with a propane grill.
  • Focus on flavor. Propane-grilled food is delicious! Bid farewell to the worst thing about natural gas grills: butane-flavored fare. Propane-grilled food is consistently yummy and tastes like it’s supposed to taste. This means you can incorporate all kinds of sauces and flavor enhancements, but also don’t need to add anything to mask butane aftertaste. Experiment with your favorite seasonings while letting the food’s natural flavor shine through.

Why do propane grills beat natural gas?

Are propane grills truly superior to natural gas grills? Well, it depends on your grilling priorities! Propane’s low carbon content makes it environmentally friendly and its high efficiency makes it cost-effective. Plus, most people think the food just plain tastes better! The many benefits of propane grilling include:

  • Propane burns cleaner because it is natural and nontoxic. It does not emit harmful greenhouse gases, harm animals, or contaminate water or soil.
  • Propane burns hotter and cooks faster. Cooks can save time without sacrificing food quality or accuracy and precision.
  • Propane is cheaper. Because propane is cost-efficient, you don’t need to cut back on grilling out. You can grill every night if you like – invite the neighbors!

Wide range of outdoor propane products enhances your experience

The propane-powered cooking products we offer are of the highest-quality, and focus not just on cooking efficiency, but also on what matters most – producing the best tasting cuisine for your family and friends to enjoy!

Outdoors, propane can not only power your grill, but it can also heat your pool and spa faster and with better energy efficiency than electricity. You can enjoy your backyard more with propane deck and patio heaters, outdoor fireplaces, firepits, insect traps and outdoor lighting. A propane whole-house backup generator lets you keep your home safe and comfortable during power outages.

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