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Will a Propane Tank Monitor Prevent Run-outs?

Get peace of mind through remote propane tank monitoring

propane tank Orange County, NY If you’re in the Orange County region and use propane for your home or business, you already know about the energy efficiencies and cost-saving benefits it offers. But how do you know when it’s time to schedule a propane delivery to avoid running out if your tank gets too low?

For many local homeowners and business owners, keeping track of their propane levels by checking the tank gauge and then having to decide when to get more delivered is just one more hassle they’d rather not deal with. Thankfully, there’s an easy solution: using a remote propane tank monitor.

How do remote propane tank monitors work?

Remote monitoring is made possible thanks to a device that is placed right on your propane tank. Through sensors embedded in the device, it can track the amount of propane in the tank at any given moment and report back in real time how much is left. Some monitors can also be helpful in understanding how much propane is used at a particular property over a specified period of time for budgeting and planning purposes.

Ideal situations for remote tank monitoring

While remote tank monitors are an effective, affordable tool for everyone who depends on propane, they’re especially useful if you:

  • Travel frequently or “snowbird” part of the year
  • Own a vacation property or other second home
  • Manage any short-term or year-round rental properties
  • Operate a camp or other seasonal business

When you’re not physically at a property year-round, it’s essential that someone is keeping track of propane usage and levels and ready to act in order to avoid run-outs or catch problems such as leaks or equipment issues before they become dire.

What to expect from the remote monitoring system we offer

At A.C. Howell, we offer remote propane tank monitoring systems from Gaslog. Our technicians can set up a system for you quickly and efficiently so that monitoring can start right away. The monitor goes directly onto your propane tank and can be installed in about 10 minutes — and you don’t even need to be home for us to take care of the installation!

The system lets us know precisely when it’s time to schedule a delivery so that there’s no risk of running low. It also can indicate if levels fall rapidly, meaning that you might have a leak.

The best part is you can check your propane tank levels yourself via email updates, your smartphone or your computer. No matter how far away you are from your propane tank, you can view information about your tank levels right from your mobile phone (as long as you have access to a cell signal).

Rely on us for automatic propane delivery and remote tank monitoring

From Newburgh to Port Jervis and other Orange County locations, A.C. Howell customers enjoy the advantages of our automatic propane delivery and 24/7 emergency services — all provided by a fourth-generation family business that’s been serving homes and businesses for nearly a century! We use a modern computer system to calculate conditions and determine when to deliver more propane — with remote monitoring adding an extra layer of protection for those who choose it.

Contact us for remote propane tank monitor installation

Have questions or want to add our remote propane tank monitoring services? Just contact us today to get started!