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How Do I Read My Propane Tank Gauge?

(It’s NOT a Silly Question!)

how much propane new yorkReading the gauge on a propane tank is not exactly rocket science, but it isn’t totally straightforward, either. If you’re not familiar with propane gauges, it can be a little bit intimidating. Fortunately, it’s easy – once you know what to look for.

The energy experts at A.C. Howell are always here to help you; no question is too small. There is nothing we prioritize more than our customers’ safety, and understanding how your propane tank works and how to read your gauge is a crucial component of monitoring your fuel supply, from Port Jervis to Pine Bush and all around Orange County. Read on to learn some helpful tips for reading your propane tank gauge.

Measuring the propane level may take a little practice

Most non-propane gauges measure in units, whether that means gallons, liters, or inches of rainfall. Propane gauges measure in percentages. The gauge tells you how full your tank is, not exactly how many units of propane it contains. Why is that? It’s because of propane’s unique properties as a natural gas.

Max capacity at 80 percent

Propane expands and contracts based on several factors, but namely the temperature outside the tank. For this reason, propane tanks should never be more than 80% full. This allows the propane plenty of room to expand, even when the tank is already at capacity. When your propane tank is “full,“ the gauge will be pointing to the number 80. Most propane gauges don’t have percent signs on them, though, so you’ll need to remember that the numbers are referring to how empty or full the tank is in relation to its total capacity.

No more runouts in the dead of winter!

On the other end of the spectrum, we typically recommend that you don’t let your propane tank get below 30% full. That way, if an unexpected event occurs, such as extreme weather or a natural disaster, you will still have enough to get by until your tank can be refueled. People depend on their propane tanks for a wide range of appliances, from cooking units, to water heaters, to washer and dryers and, of course, the heater that keeps your family warm throughout our frigid New York winters.

A.C. Howell has you covered – we’ll monitor your gauge for you!

Our automatic delivery program takes all the guesswork out of worrying about how much propane is in the tank. At A.C. Howell, we can read your gauge for you and pay close attention to when you need a refill, without you ever having to call us or schedule an appointment. Your automatic delivery will arrive before you even realize you need it!