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Customer Agreement

At A.C. Howell, we are very grateful for our customers, many of whom have been with us for decades. We are committed to transparency, so we are sharing our company policies and procedures. Please contact us with any questions you have.


Unless tanks are proven owned by the customer, all propane tanks and regulators are the property of A.C. Howell Corp. Customer servicing of this equipment is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

Operating Hours

Business operating hours are 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, except for holidays. Our summer hours, which are from the first weekend of June through the first weekend of October, are 7:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday.


All deliveries are made on an Automatic Delivery Basis. All new accounts must fill out and return the customer delivery agreement that is given upon installation of tanks. No deliveries will be scheduled until the fully completed delivery agreement is received. Delivery tickets will be left hanging at customer’s residence in a return envelope. Requests to have tickets mailed to customer will result in additional processing fees.

Our delivery schedules are determined by usage. If any of the following changes, please advise the office so that delivery frequency can be adjusted:

  • consumption pattern
  • appliance(s) are added or removed
  • number of people in household

If a NONSCHEDULED delivery is required and a driver is available, a Special Trip Fee will be incurred. THIS FEE MUST BE PAID AT TIME OF SERVICE.

The Customer is responsible for keeping clear access to equipment at all times. There will be an additional charge if tank(s) are not accessible. Here’s how to keep your tanks safely accessible:

During summer months, please keep shrubs and bushes trimmed so drivers can reach the tanks. Our drivers do their best to take necessary precautions regarding your plants and flowers, but the hose may disturb them. Please try to keep an open path to, and around, your tank area.

Please, do not use the tanks for garden hose racks and keep the area around the tank free of debris.

During winter months it is important to keep the driveway clear of snow and ice, as well as providing a wide, cleared path to the tank(s) to ensure delivery. Not doing so may cause a failure to deliver. It is also important that if your property has gates or fences, they also must be free and clear of snow and ice and can be easily opened and closed.


Credit terms are 15 days from date of delivery. For your convenience, an invoice and return envelope are left at the time of delivery. Please note: Past due accounts will not be scheduled for a delivery until the balance is paid in full.

We currently offer a Prompt Payment Discount to automatic delivery accounts only. Payments made for FULL INVOICE AMOUNT within 5 business days of delivery will receive a $.10 per gallon discount issued as a credit, reflected on your next delivery. This discount excludes credit card payments and budget payments.

We do not accept post-dated checks, nor do we hold checks. If you post-date a check it will be returned to you resulting in a late payment.

If an outstanding balance is not paid within 30 days, a 2% monthly finance charge will apply to any remaining balance until it is paid in full.

A $.50 statement fee will be added to any past due account when statements are issued.

Any accounts with a history of poor payment that have received more than one collections notice will be required to keep a deposit on file equivalent to the cost to fill tank(s) to capacity. In the event a balance on the account goes past 30 days, the deposit on account will automatically be used to satisfy the balance and the customer will be responsible to replace the monies owed on the deposit. If the deposit and account balance are not maintained the customer’s account will be placed on hold and will be subject to a removal of A.C. Howell Corp.’s equipment from the property.

For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. If desired, we can electronically file your credit card information and, following the day of delivery, your credit card will be automatically processed for total invoice amount. This alleviates any possibility of late payment. Your paid invoice can then be emailed/ mailed to you. We also accept credit card payments by phone.

Charges/Fee Schedule:

Our Fee Schedule for Labor/Services rendered is as follows:

  • during normal working hours: $100/hour
  • after working hours: $150/hour

Additional/Miscellaneous charges are as follows:

Account closing/tank pickup fee: Minimum $40.00

Gauge reading for house closing: $35.00

Returned check (insufficient funds) fee: $60.00

If an account must be referred to a collection agency for payment, extra fees will be incurred on the customer account.

An equipment rental charge of $75 is applied to accounts with low usage (25 gallons or less) or no usage per year.

Dedicated pool heater accounts using less than 300 gallons per season (May–Sept.) will incur a rental fee of $100.00.

Dedicated generator accounts will be provided a tank monitor. An annual equipment rental of $150.00 will be applied to the account upon its anniversary of installation.

Rented properties will require a one-time deposit on the account, to be refunded when the account is closed, if no outstanding balance on the account exists.

Processing Fees will apply if customer requests invoicing by mail. We are equipped to send via email to alleviate this charge.

Interruption of Services:

Government codes and insurance regulation require during interruption of service, such as a system running out of gas, that a leak test be performed before the appliances are put back in service. The following lists our “Out of Gas” policy:

The customer or other adult must be at the residence in order to receive a gas delivery if your tank is empty.

A leak test must be performed on the system before service is restored. A company employee will conduct a leak test and relight all appliance pilots.

There will be a minimum $45.00 fee for this service. In the event the run-out is the fault of the company, no fee need apply. Additional fees will apply for after hours and weekends, or if system repairs are needed to correct leaks found in the system.

If the customer is not present for delivery, access to all appliances is not allowed or a system is found to have a leak, the system must be secured. A lock will be installed in the service valve to prevent the customer from turning the gas on. A successful leak test must be performed in order to unlock the valve and restore service.

Termination of Services:

All requests to stop, terminate or discontinue service must be made in writing. All deliveries will continue to be made until such time that the equipment is picked up by our company, or arrangements have been made to transfer the account to new owners.

Refund Checks will be issued within 90 days of Account Termination.

Terms and Conditions are subject to change. Receipt and payment of delivery are acceptance to any changes made to agreement. Written copy of agreement and any changes made are available upon request. The Agreement may not be modified orally, and any attempt by Customer to enforce prior representation of agreement, whether written or oral, shall be null and void.