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Temporary Heating for Construction and Renovation Companies in Newburgh, Warwick and Wurtsboro, NY

A.C. Howell keeps your projects going in all weather

The average high temperature in January in Orange County is in the low 30s, and the average low is close to 10˚. In some parts of the county, it can get much colder.

That cold can create a lot of hassles and headaches on construction and renovation job sites.

Cold can create unsafe working conditions and makes it harder for workers to do their jobs properly. These conditions slow down your projects, costing you valuable time and money. Several kinds of projects, such as plaster or outdoor concrete work, are compromised or impossible to get done.

Your construction or renovation business can use the temporary heating services from A.C. Howell. Our cylinder delivery and exchange service is customized to your needs on each project, so you will always have the propane you need for your equipment to heat spaces and provide a safe workspace that lets jobs be done right.

Temporary heating lets you keep your construction and renovation projects going so they can be completed on time and keep costs down so you can maximize your profits.

The benefits of temporary heating

When your job sites are warmed by temporary heating, work is done more efficiently and with better results. Many projects need warm, or at least not cold, conditions for materials and machinery to work as they should.

Concrete and brick projects can be damaged when the cold creates ice crystals that weaken the materials. When stucco or plaster is applied in cold conditions, moisture trapped in them later thaws. That thawed moisture can degrade the stucco or plaster. Paint and drywall projects need to be done in a warm setting to make sure that the paint and joint compound dry and cure properly.

When plumbing projects are being done, temporary heating protects the exposed plumbing from freezing and bursting.

Outdoors, ground thaw equipment warms the ground enough for digging, concrete work and paving projects.

Contact us to find out more about our temporary heating and other commercial propane services.