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Commercial Propane in Orange County, NY

A.C. Howell can help your business flourish!

In today’s competitive business environment, you need every advantage you can get to keep costs down and generate income.

Propane is a great tool for both! This versatile, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly fuel can be used on all sorts of businesses, from agriculture to warehouses and everything in-between.

On a farm, propane can keep barns, greenhouses and outbuildings warm and provide heated water in them. It can also power irrigation equipment, crop dryers, orchard heaters and more. Propane flame weed control is more effective and safer than chemical herbicides. Learn more

In warehouses and retail businesses, as well as on construction sites, propane forklifts offer many advantages over electric and gasoline forklifts thanks to their clean-burning fuel and power. Learn more

Temporary heating is made safer and easier with propane, allowing construction and renovation sites to keep working even when the thermometer plummets. Learn more

Propane doesn’t contaminate soil or water like gasoline or diesel. It also burns cleaner than gasoline or diesel. It helps market your business to potential customers who care about environmental friendliness.

Autogas makes your fleet of vehicles and equipment such as buses, vans, shuttles, forklifts, commercial mowers and tractors more efficient and productive, while reducing emissions so your workers are safer. More than 600,000 children are brought to and from school every school day in school buses that are run on autogas. Because it is clean-burning, autogas reduces wear on school bus engines, saving school districts thousands of dollars each year on maintenance and repair costs. That reduced wear also helps school buses last longer, cutting capital costs. Learn more

Propane generators keep your business going when the power is out, providing a safe environment and protecting critical technology like computers and servers.

A.C. Howell is here to help put our propane services to work for your business.