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Can My Home Propane Spoil or “Go Bad”

How long is propane good for?

propane expiration new yorkIt makes sense that prospective propane customers would want to know whether the fuel might eventually go bad or spoil, like heating oil, which lasts about 18 months or so, or kerosene, which can last as little as six months.

The good news for propane customers is that the answer is no, propane doesn’t spoil. Read on to learn more about why propane is a shelf-stable fuel and how you can save money with propane delivery to your home or business.

Storage is key to propane longevity

Unlike heating oil or kerosene, propane doesn’t spoil when stored properly in airtight cylinders or tanks. That’s because it’s a shelf-stable fuel and would need to come into contact with other substances in order for its composition to change or degrade.

Cylinder and tank certification

To ensure that propane remains safely stored and high-quality, there are regulations in place requiring propane cylinders to be recertified periodically and larger propane tanks to be maintained and serviced by certified professionals. So long as these safe storage procedures are followed, propane retains its original properties for years and years – even decades!

Propane is ideal for emergencies

We’re not saying that propane could theoretically get us all through a 100-year zombie apocalypse, but it sure would have come in handy for the characters on that plane-crash-on-a-deserted-island tv show. That’s because propane is a prime fuel for:

  • Powering backup generators;
  • Using during severe storms, natural disasters, and weather events;
  • In case of failure of utility infrastructure;
  • Versatility in use for heating, cooking, grilling, warming water, and even powering vehicles.

Auto delivery ensures the freshest propane supply

When you become an A.C. Howell customer, you are served by a fourth-generation family business that has been meeting the fuel needs of homes and businesses in this area since 1931.

All of our customers get our reliable, safe Automatic Delivery service. We use a state-of-the-art computer system and degree-day calculations to accurately know when you will need propane delivery, and schedule it promptly. You’ll always get the freshest propane, without ever having to worry about running out, and you don’t have to do a thing! It’s truly work-free and worry-free. Another way we treat our customers like family is by always being here for you. Our customers get 24/7 emergency service.

Enjoy long-lasting propane with AC Howell fuel delivery

If you have questions about our service or want to start saving money with clean, efficient propane, A.C. Howell is here for you! From Newburgh to Port Jervis, we provide the best propane delivery you can get in New York.

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