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Why Propane is Right For You

Discover the benefits of propane for your home!

Drive around Orange County, and you likely see more of your neighbors adding propane to their home. They’re taking advantage of the clean-burning, energy efficiency, reliability and versatility propane provides them.

A.C. Howell can help you get all the benefits of propane in your home, too! You get our reliable Automatic Delivery service with affordable propane tank leasing and the option of remote propane tank monitoring.

Here’s just some of what propane can do for you:

Save on energy costs

Today’s high-efficiency propane home heating systems offer an average efficiency of more than 90%, with some reaching as high as 98%! What does that mean? It means that less than 10% of the propane used is lost in the combustion process.

Those energy savings extend to other propane appliances as well. Propane water heaters not only heat more than twice the water of a comparable electric water heater in the same amount of time, but they do it for about 30% less cost. Propane-powered appliances are usually between 40% – 60% less expensive to operate than comparable electric appliances.

Propane makes your home better inside and out

Energy efficiency and money savings are only the beginning of what propane can do for your home. Get better cooking thanks to the precise, instant temperature control of a propane range. Propane clothes dryers get laundry dry 25% faster than electric dryers and with fewer wrinkles. Enjoy cozy, comfortable warmth without any work with a propane fireplace. A propane whole-house generator keeps your home safe and comfortable during power outages.

Cooking Stove
Clothes Dryers
Water Heaters
Space Heater
Outdoor Grilling
Fireplace Inserts

Outdoors, propane grills make cookouts and weeknight dinners a breeze. Propane pool and spa heaters get water warm dramatically faster with better energy efficiency than electric models. Propane outdoor fireplaces, firepits and deck and patio heaters make your backyard a place to relax with family and friends. Propane insect traps help keep your outdoor gatherings bite-free.

You can have all of this with propane, no matter where you live because you’re not dependent on having natural gas utility service in your neighborhood.

Why be treated like an account number when you can be treated like family? Become an A.C. Howell customer and get responsive and reliable propane service!