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The Benefits of Using Propane In Agriculture

Propane is an efficient, home-grown fuel you can trust

farm propane Middletown, ny If you’re looking for a reliable, versatile, cost-effective fuel for your farm here in Orange County, you can’t beat propane. And you can’t beat A.C. Howell for dependability in propane delivery and service.

Read on to learn more about how this clean-burning, nontoxic fuel can help save your agricultural operation save big and attract more customers.

Benefits of propane on the farm

Propane helps farmers like you get the job done. Advantages of using propane on the farm include:

  • Bulking up on bulk fuel: Propane is also a great fit for bulk fuel operations; in fact, propane’s versatility is what makes it ideal for your farm. Its portability and reliability make it easy to use—and you won’t need to rely on an energy utility for curing, heating or powering your farming equipment. A.C. Howell provides farmers with bulk propane delivery, as well as cylinder delivery and exchange services.
  • Enjoying energy efficiency: Propane “feels” hotter, so you get more bang for your buck. Propane warmth lasts longer, whether keeping your family warm at home, or your animals warm on the farm.
  • Bucking the utility grid: One big advantage that propane offers is that it is an on-site energy source. You’re not at the mercy of a utility like you are with electricity or natural gas.
  • Avoiding losses: Speaking of utilities, propane backup generators keep your barns, greenhouses, home and other buildings lit, warm and safe when the power goes out. And that’s not to mention the loss of productivity that comes with a blackout, if you own or operate a farm. With an electrical generator on hand, you won’t have to ever go through any of that again.
  • Promoting sustainable modern farming: Since propane doesn’t contaminate soil or water like gasoline or diesel, and burns cleaner than those other fuels, it helps market your products to potential customers who care about environmental friendliness.
  • Protecting the environment: In the rare event of a propane leak, soil, water and plant life are not harmed, unlike with a gasoline or diesel spill.
  • Enhancing worker safety: Because propane has almost zero emissions, it creates a safer work environment for you and your workers.

What can propane do for agriculture?

The agriculture industry relies heavily on propane to power everything from crop drying operations to sanitizing milking processes, to heating poultry production facilities, greenhouses, hog barns, farmhouses, water tanks and more, such as:

  • clean-burning, efficient irrigation engines
  • environmentally friendly flame weed control that eliminates the need for herbicides and lets you get back to work in the field sooner
  • fuel for commercial mowers and other equipment
  • crop dryers that you keep more of your yield and are up to 50% more efficient than crop dryers powered by other fuels
  • orchard heating that, unlike diesel heating, is safe for the soil
  • space heating
  • water heating
  • fuel for forklifts that are not only more powerful and efficient than electric forklifts, but also can operate both indoors and outside thanks to extremely low emissions

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