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The Benefits of Propane Forklifts

Lift your Business with the Power of Propane

forklifts orange county, ny Propane forklifts offer several benefits that make them a popular choice for many businesses and industries. Read on to learn more about some of the key advantages of using propane-powered forklifts.

Propane Forklift Perks

Forklifts powered by propane have a lot of advantages over gas or electric forklifts, including:

  • Power. Propane forklifts run at 100% power until the propane cylinder is empty. Electric forklifts lose power as the battery drains. Propane forklifts offer better performance than electric forklifts, as they can handle heavier loads and are better on inclines. Propane forklifts provide consistent power throughout operation, which can result in faster acceleration and better performance compared to electric forklifts.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Propane is generally more cost-effective than electric forklifts and can be more economical than diesel or gasoline-powered models. Propane is often cheaper per gallon than gasoline or diesel, and propane forklifts tend to have lower maintenance costs.
  • Efficiency. When an electric forklift’s battery is drained, it can take up to eight hours to be recharged, leaving you without that forklift for up to a full shift. Charging stations take up space and cost a lot of money. Propane forklifts give you longer running time between refuels than any other fuel source. When you do need refueling, it takes just a few minutes to replace the empty cylinder with a full one and the forklift is back on the job.
  • Safety. When safety protocols and regulations are followed, propane forklifts are safe to use both indoors and outside. Plus, propane forklifts have built-in safety features, including automatic shut-off valves and safety sensors.
  • Versatility. Gasoline-powered forklifts can’t be used indoors. Electric forklifts are inefficient outdoors and can’t operate in some conditions, like when it’s wet. Propane can do it all, indoors or out, making propane forklifts suitable for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, construction sites, distribution centers, and more.
  • Longevity. Propane engines tend to have longer lifespans compared to diesel or gasoline engines due to their cleaner combustion properties, leading to less wear and tear over time.
  • Lower maintenance. Propane forklifts generally require less maintenance compared to diesel or gasoline-powered models. They have simpler engines and fewer components, leading to reduced maintenance costs and less frequent servicing.
  • Environmental friendliness. Propane is considered a clean-burning fuel. Propane-powered forklifts emit much fewer greenhouse gases than gasoline-powered forklifts, making it compliant with emissions regulations. There is also no environmental damage done in the rare event of a propane leak, something gasoline forklifts don’t offer. Electricity isn’t eco-friendly, as about 40% of the nation’s electricity supply is generated by coal-fired power plants.

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