Propane is Gaining Ground as an Alternative Vehicle Fuel

Autogas is the use of propane as a motor fuel in internal combustion engines. Propane has always been a “green” fuel and as the world demands a cleaner environment, propane is gaining in popularity as a vehicle fuel since it produces lower emissions than gasoline or diesel. It is the 3rd most popular fuel in the world. It’s also cleaner, less expensive, safer and more reliable than other fuels and over 90% of propane is made in America. At AC Howell, we have the fuel to power your fleet of propane maintenance vehicles, cars, buses, trucks and more.

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A.C. Howell Corp. offers Complete Propane Service, Auto Delivery, Budget Plans, Bulk & Cylinder Delivery, Appliances and more to Residential, Commercial, and Agricultural customers in Orange County, Sullivan County and Ulster County, New York.

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